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DSC Technologies does a variety of work for both the private and public sectors. Our work ranges from cabling installation in schools, secure government facilities, and financial institutions, to security cameras and IT systems.

No matter the size of your business, we are here to help with your IT, security, or structured cabling needs, enabling you to excel by helping provide the right solutions for your business.

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VERY impressed working with DSC! Crew was willing to tackle any job we threw at them; running cables, cameras, and access points all around the dealership (in some pretty challenging locations).  Their attention to detail and knowledge in the field shows with a VERY clean and professional installation of our equipment and cabling. Class Act Company and crew… very happy customer!
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IT Manager, Steven Lust Automotive


Structured Cabling

Whether you need fiber optic, data, voice, or security cabling, we can accommodate your networking needs from just a few cable runs to an entire network infrastructure redesign. We are certified in a variety of networking standards that are crucial to ensuring your network will be wired correctly with room for future growth. Structured Cable performed: Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Coax, MDF and IDF buildouts

WiFi Networking

With a wireless network, your employees can access important files and information from anywhere in the office. They can bring tablets and laptops into meetings and easily pull up reference documents to discuss. This can bring about a whole new layer to your office's productivity. Wireless networks reduce or eliminate wiring costs, making installation cost-effective and fast. Wireless is an excellent choice for small businesses that wish to expand their networks without additional wiring.

Sound Masking

In the modern workplace, the new normal has evolved to include open floor plans, shared workspaces, and fewer sound-absorbing materials used in building designs. The by-product is less speech privacy, resulting in increased worker dissatisfaction, lower productivity, and greater risk to the employer due to breaches in confidentiality and failure to protect sensitive corporate and customer information. The right sound masking solution can deliver immediate returns to organizations faced with these challenges. Sound masking adds ambient sound to a space to help mask other sounds in the environment. The sound is specifically engineered to mask human speech comfortably and obtrusively.

Overhead Music and Sound

Intercom and paging solutions extend far beyond routine announcements. They make schools, workplaces, and public areas more efficient and increase safety and security. Regardless of the size or complexity of your facility, an intercom or overhead paging system will allow you to notify your employees and customers quickly and effectively.

IT Services

It is the role of an IT service provider and technician to help customers and consumers understand how network security solutions include firewalls, anti-virus software, web filtering, patch management, and built-in VPNs. Regularly scheduled check-ups from your IT service can aid in the proper operation of a business, which in turn make it more profitable. We work with your business to find solutions specific to your IT needs, allowing you to stay focused on providing outstanding services with no downtime.

Zoom Calling

More than just meetings, Zoom calling allows you to make communications easy by consolidating into one tool. Let us do the work in helping you get started.

Security and Surveillance

Having physical security controls such as locks on doors are great, but when they fail, you need to have a record of what took place and when to be able to make a valid insurance claim. We are capable of finding the right security solution for your business to ensure if your physical security controls fail there is a way to present valid evidence when needed.

Cell Phone Boosters

The main aim of the cellular phone signal booster is taking the existing cell phone signal around your business, office, or shop, and amplifying it. Access to a reliable cellular network will keep you and your team connected and productive at all times with a booster. A cell phone signal booster is made up of three main elements: exterior antenna, amplifier, and interior antenna. They form a wireless system to boost cellular reception. The booster will pick up weak signals from far away cell towers and works with all mobile devices on all North American carrier networks. They are approved by the FCC and ISED.

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