Whether you need fiber optic, data or security cabling rollouts DSC is able to accommodate your networking needs from just a few cable runs to an entire network infrastructure redesign. We are certified in a variety of networking standards that are crucial to ensuring your network will be wired correctly with room for future growth


Having physical security controls such as locks on doors are great, but when they fail you need to have a record of what took place and when to be able to make a valid insurance claim. We are capable of finding the right security solution for your business to ensure if your physical security controls fail there is a way to present valid evidence when needed.

IT Services

DSC has been working with different businesses to find solutions specific to their IT needs allowing them to stay focused on providing their outstanding services. 

Who do we work for

Dakota Structured Cabling does a variety of work for both the private and public sectors ranging from experience installing cabling in schools and secure government facilities to small business within our area. No matter the size of your business we are here to help out with your structured cabling needs enabling you to excel by helping provide the right solutions for you.